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Court Lighting

The lights have been replaced on courts 1 & 2 with LED lamps that are more economical and better for the environment.

If you wish to play using the lights there is a new token box attached to the clubhouse. Tokens are inserted on the top right of the boxes.

One token costs £4 and buys 1 hour of lighting for one court. The number of minutes are displayed on the meter and you can insert more than one token per period of play. The previous system cost £4 for 40 mins, we will monitor that we are covering our costs especially at a time of widely varying electricity costs but hopefully this will not have to increase in the foreseeable future.

Tokens are available from the following people in Christow:
Malcolm - 07443 594516
Lyn - 07810 736674

Payment should be made in cash as you collect your tokens unless you wish to buy 5 tokens or more as amounts less than £20 are not acceptable by BACS.

Payment by BACS should have your full name as a reference and LIGHT TOKENS as the subject. Account Name: Teign Tennis Trust, Sort Code : 09-01-51 Account Number: 87270503

You can exchange any of the old tokens you have paid for with new ones.

Lighting Tokens Updated 03/11/2022
Clearing Leaves from the Courts

As we don’t have a named individual who is responsible for maintenance this note applies to everyone.

We have now bought a leaf blower / vacuum to clear the courts of leaves. It is stored in the shed. Please follow the instructions below for its use.


1) If in any doubt refer to the manuals… if still in doubt DO NOT USE
2) Use appropriate protective gear… including ear protection
3) Don’t take it apart for any reason
4) If it’s wet, wipe it down before storing
5) You must be over 18 to use it at the Club


1) Insert battery (it will only go in one way)
2) Grey lever switches from suck to blow
3) Empty the bag behind the clubhouse by unzipping the bottom of the bag
4) After usage put the battery back on charge. The battery is released by squeezing the two catches at the side


1) Always leave the battery on charge – it doesn’t harm or reduce the life of the battery and ensures the kit is ready for the next people
2) The battery will only fit one way
3) Release the battery by squeezing the two catches on the sides of the battery
4) Red light shows it is powered on, flashing green light shows it’s charging, steady green light shows the battery is fully charged.

Maintenance Routines Updated 03/09/2022
Problems in the Clubhouse

Sometimes things break or go wrong. It happens. But please don't ignore it. Let someone on the Committee know. Their contact details can be found here.

Problems Added 29/10/2019
Water Supply in the Clubhouse

In extreme cold weather, when temperatures are forecast to be below -10c, the water should be switched off at the stopcock.

At all other times it should remain on.

Cold Weather Added 29/10/2019
Lock the Courts

When you are leaving the club, and you are last person to go, please ensure all courts are locked. The longer padlocks do require a bit of manipulation to fit but they do fit and must be snapped shut.

Security Added 29/10/2019
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