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Clearing Leaves from the Courts

As we don’t have a named individual who is responsible for maintenance this note applies to everyone.

Mark Harrison has kindly made his Stihl Leaf Vacuum / Blower available to us at no cost to the club whenever we need it. He has set it up for vacuuming and fuelled it up (it’s driven by a 2-stroke motor). It is stored at the Royal Oak in Dunsford. Call Mark on 01647 252256 or email mark@troid.co.uk to arrange to pick it up. Remember this is the pub line and it may be best to make arrangements a little in advance.

As the most likely use case is immediately before before a match or a club session, there will need to be a little forethought about its use.

It may be possible for someone living in Christow to alert someone in Dunsford via the Whatsapp group if the courts are covered in leaves.

It is the Club’s responsibility to ensure such kit is used in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and with the correct safety equipment. In this case Mark will show you how to use it if needed, and sensible protective gear should include gloves (the engine will get hot), protective glasses and a face mask as there will be a lot of dust and some exhaust fumes. No-one under 18 is permitted to use it.

Maintenance Routines Added 28/10/2019
Problems in the Clubhouse

Sometimes things break or go wrong. It happens. But please don't ignore it. Let someone on the Committee know. Their contact details can be found here.

Problems Added 29/10/2019
Water Supply in the Clubhouse

In extreme cold weather, when temperatures are forecast to be below -10c, the water should be switched off at the stopcock.

At all other times it should remain on.

Cold Weather Added 29/10/2019
Lock the Courts

When you are leaving the club, and you are last person to go, please ensure all courts are locked. The longer padlocks do require a bit of manipulation to fit but they do fit and must be snapped shut.

Security Added 29/10/2019
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